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Clear Bra – Bumper

Protect Your Paint

Clear Bra is suitable for specific portions of your vehicle.  It’s not necessary to coat the entire front end of the entire full car with paint protection film.  In fact, our Clear Bra Bumper package does just that!  This package protects the bumper that is one of the most prone areas on a vehicle to damage.  If you drive a black or other dark colored car, then you probably have noticed the unsightly cosmetic damage caused from rock chips, insect acids and other environmental contaminants.  That’s where paint protection film comes in.

With the Bumper package we protect this highly prone areas with high-end paint protection film.  This package protects the front bumper from contaminants that include paint chips, rock chips, road salt, bugs, scratches and sap.  This portion that directly faces the road and the elements stays protected from contaminants and is a great package for sedans and roadsters alike.  For a free quote for your vehicle, please click here.

clear bra
clear bra bumper


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