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Clear Bra Film

Partial Kit

SoCal Detail has the clear bra film your car needs to stay protected on the roads of Knoxville.  No other paint protection option provides the high end, self-healing protection like clear bra does.  Our Partial Kit is a great addition to any vehicle, big or small, and protects highly prone areas of your car.  If you’re tired of taking your car to the detailer to get paint corrections for that unsightly rock chip damage then solve your problem with the addition of clear bra to susceptible areas!

Our Clear Bra Film is great at protecting vulnerable areas from damage from tree sap, rock chips, insect acids, water spots, road salt and minor scratches and bumps.  The Clear Bra Partial Kit package provides protection to the front bumper, the front fenders and one quarter of the way up the hood. Perfect for drivers who drive large and small cars alike this package provides great protection the areas of your car that face the most damage.  For a free quote for your vehicle please click here.

clear bra film
clear bra film


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