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Clear Bra Knoxville

SoCal Detail has the clear bra Knoxville needs to protect their cars from the elements and rock chips. Clear bra is a paint protection film that wraps your vehicle in a transparent film.  This transparent film provides elite paint protection from elements and contaminants including rock chips, scratching, swirling, tree sap, road salt, insect acids, minor bumps and dings. Known as the “king of paint protection” paint protection film, or clear bra, also provides hydrophobic qualities along with self healing components. In the event that a rock chip comes into contact with the surface of the paint and damages the protective film, the film literally heals itself once parked in a sunny area.

The clear bra SoCal Detail offers go on incredibly clear and is perfectly matched to the exact dimensions of your car with a custom plotter.  We offer top of the line brands that are backed by manufacturer warranties to never bubble or yellow. With two distinct packages offered we protect the vulnerable areas of your vehicle.  Our vehicle packages include a bumper kit, the partial kit, the full front kit and the entire carAll of these packages are specifically designed to protect vulnerable areas of your vehicle from paint damaging material.

With the addition of clear bra to your vehicle you’ll get the incredibly valuable addition of elite paint protection, along with the peace of mind that the vehicle will have a higher resale value than similar makes without the paint protection film. Protect your investment and add value to your car with the addition of clear bra from SoCal Detail!


  • Rock Chips
  • Paint Chipping
  • Insect Acids
  • Minor Dings
  • Minor Scratching
  • Swirling
  • Marring
  • Tree Sap

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clear bra knoxville
clear bra knoxville


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