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Window Tinting Knoxville

Blocking Out Damaging Rays

Are you looking for the best window film Knoxville has to offer? Look no further than our expert installers at SoCal Detail.  Our automotive window film will help reduce the heat inside your vehicle while protecting you and your vehicles interior from the harsh rays of the sun. We offer three different levels of window film: Standard Black, Black Ceramic and Ceramic i3. All of our films include a lifetime manufacturer warranty against cracking, yellowing and fading. They also include a one-time no fault replacement as well, backed by Autobahn. That means that no matter if your fur baby decides to scratch your new windows, or whatever the crisis may be, our team at SoCal Detail will replace your window film free of charge. We always take great pride in providing our customers with the highest quality services and use only the best products available in the industry. 

Not only does automotive window film offer style and aesthetic beauty to your vehicle, but it offers heat rejection and helps reduce the sun’s glare. It will help protect your skin from the sun’s harmful cancer causing UV rays; as well as, keep your vehicle’s interior protected from bleaching, cracking, and fading. As you browse our different levels of window film, be sure to look over the specification chart. Each chart will tell you how well you and your vehicle are being protected. 

The legal limit for window tint in the state of Tennessee is 35%

Not in Tennessee? Find out what the legal limit is in your state today.

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Our films are computer cut providing precision installations


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