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The Superior Performance Film

Autobahn i3 Package

Looking for the best performing film on the market? Look no further than our expert staff at SoCal Detail. Our Autobahn i3 film will offer you optimal clarity and heat rejection superior to any other film on the market. We take great pride in delivering our customers with the highest quality service and use only the best products. That’s why we use Autobahn. The Autobahn i3 film uses hybrid technology that rejects up to 93% of all IRR rays. This will keep your vehicle cool and comfortable during those hot summer days. Window tinting offers many benefits including heat rejection, style and privacy. This package uses a deep dyed multi-layer Nano-Ceramic film and is color stable. It includes a lifetime warranty against fading, cracking, bubbling and peeling. Adding a window tint package to your vehicle will also help your vehicle maintain its value, while keeping you cool and comfortable. Your search for the best window tinting near me, ends right here at SoCal Detail. Let our expert staff tint your windows. Call today.

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